Recovery PC offers to customers a wide range of services, always with excellent quality and at competitive prices. Do not waste time searching, we have the best solution for you.

Some of the services we provide:

Operating system installation

When your equipment is no longer as fast as it felt when you bought it, it may need to a new installation of the Operating System. All necessary optimizations will be performed for maximum performance.

Virus Removal and Prevention

Viruses are becoming more and more problematic as they can affect the performance of the device or even erase important files. Do not let this happen. We will do the complete removal and prevention with the installation of a suitable antivirus.

Backup and data recovery

When it comes to your personal information do not let yourself be neglected, back it up so you can be ensured. We prevent and/or recover it.

Internal Cleaning Laptop / Desktop

One of the biggest problems of computers is overheating, especially in laptops. We clean all internal components of the equipment. This ensures that it does not shuts off randomly and increases lifetime.

Display Replacement

If by any chance the display of your laptop has been broken, do not despair, our team will establish the budget of the repair at the best possible price. We also take into account that your equipment is necessary on daily basis, so we will make the diagnosis and repair it as soon as possible.

Electronic Repair

If your device is not turning up, showing up image or other similar symptoms we will look into it as it might still be saved. We will make a diagnosis and repair your computer to work in perfect conditions.